For general information and subscription to the listserv, please go to

On this page you can:

  • Subscribe and unsubscribe email addresses

  • Change your password or have a reminder sent

  • Access the archives

  • Set-up digest mode

To post a message to the list members, send email to

  • Remember, the listserv sends posts/messages to the entire list

  • Please include a signature with your name and email address when posting

  • Please include your school name if currently employed

  • To reply to a specific individual, please cut and paste the sender’s email address rather than hit “Reply”, which will send to the list

  • At the bottom of all messages, one can find the links to reply to the list and to the general information page

To ensure listserv members have a positive experience, here are some basic guidelines to help experienced and new members.

Posting protocols:

  • State a clear, concise topic in the subject line to assist members when replying and searching the archives

  • Please use extreme caution when describing a student related situation in your school library. FERPA is the federal law that prohibits the improper disclosure of personally identifiable information.

  • Avoid using auto-responders or auto-replies to messages received from the list

  • Commercial solicitation is prohibited

  • Be respectful and considerate

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